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About Us

Family Heirloom – a moment or event in time in a families history that can be passed down from generation to generation through photographs.

I first caught the photo bug at the young age of six, when my older sister had given me her box camera to take to summer camp. I came back that summer with photos of friends I had made and adventures we had. I cherished those photos, as a child, and carried a camera with me to all events my family or friends experienced. To this day, I still have old photos from those days and I will keep them with me forever. I consider them a part of me and my history.

I first opened Pan Photographics in Stuart, Florida in 1986. At that time, I photographed everything from weddings, portraits and whatever I could get. After a number of years, I closed the studio and moved to Orlando, Florida while continuing as a freelance photographer. I worked for a number of large national event studios and even photographed for some of the many entertainment venues.

Today, I have left the event studios and feel more comfortable getting to know the people I am photographing and enjoy creating a unique moment for all involved. I like to think that I have recorded a moment or event in time, that means something special to them, a moment that they cherish. I have provided them with a piece of family history, an heirloom.

I have been a member of Florida Professional Photographers and Professional Photographers of America for over 10 years, giving me the opportunity to learn from some of the finest photographers in the world. It’s allowed me to keep up to date with the newest techniques and products.

At Pan Photographics we promise portraits and photographs you’ll treasure forever.

John Cook

Pan Photographics |Wedding and Portrait Photography in Orlando, FL